orangeBy Jennifer Chappell

Many people complain about their phone not having enough memory. Take for instance the Treo 650, which comes with 32 MB, but only 23 MB of that is available to the user to store applications and files. The small amount of memory in the Treo is a big disappointment for its users.

Well, in a new development, Orange, M-Systems and Oberthur Card Systems bring us the 512MB MegaSIM! That is a HUGE amount of memory for a sim card and I’m sure people will be thrilled! The press release says that 512MB has 8,000 times the memory of a standard sim. They also say to expect to see these new MegaSIMs launched initially in France in the LG U8210 handset, and then across Orange?s European network with additional handset offerings later this year.

[M-Systems] VIA [Gizmodo]