dance dance revolution palmtop matsBy David Ponce


You know that lifting a foot would be so much of an effort that you might pop a vein, or get another sport related injury. You can’t have that, but how are you to play Dance Dance Revolution?

Fear not, lazy friend. Tesco’s got you covered, with these pair of £13.00 palmtop controllers for PS1 and PS2 versions of the popular game. Let your fingers do the dancing.

[Palmtop Controllers] VIA [BoingBoing]


  1. Dance Dance Revolution mit den Fingern spielen

    Dance Dance Revolution ohne Tanzmatte? Kein Problem mit diesen DDR Controllern f?r die Handfl?che. Kompatibel mit allen PS1 und PS2 Tanzspielen, in Europa u.a. online erh?ltlich bei Tesco f?r schlanke neun Euro. Via Oh! Gizmo.