228stm_ani.gifBy Ryan Nill

Astromedia, a German-based company that specializes in papercut crafts and toys, has created a papercut engine that runs on the heat from a cup of coffee. Or from the chill of packed ice; the Stirling engine isn’t picky.

It’s pretty cool, and works by having heated air push a piston back and forth, creating a wonderful little whirling engine. The Stirling engine is made from than punched cardboard and various other parts. It doesn’t actually run anything, per se (just sort of turns), but it’s a fun toy for children of any age.

It can run for hours (one person even managed over 12 hours!) and is available online for €21.90 (about 29$ US). No word about shipping or anything, but one must take into account that they are in Germany. Perhaps someone could homebrew one…?

[ Astromedia ] VIA [ Boingboing ]