ecomedia.jpgBy Ryan Nill

The Eco Media Player is a wind-up MP3/video player. It can play MP3, WMA, ASF, MP4, WAV and comes with an FM radio, a photo-viewer and an analog recorder. Similar to winding a fishing reel, one minute of winding gives you up to 40 minutes of playback. Alternatively, you can charge the media player through the USB port of your computer. It accepts SD cards and has an internal memory of 2GB. It can even be used to charge your cellphone. Not particularly cutting edge or even very useful, as one might argue, but it is certainly very eco-friendly.

In stock 22 August, 2007, for £169.99 or about $230 US.

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  1. Being a senior member of society, I was intrigued to see the Trevor Bayliss name on this gadjet. I well remember him appearing on BBC’s Tomorrows World with his clockwork radio.
    It was on the strength of this I decided to treat myself and purchased this “eco media player” , (To give it it’s proper title).
    To say the least, I am amazed! Being quite computer literate, I was soon able to load a good chunk of my personnel music library. The quality of the sound is just incredible. Had anyone tried to convince me just how good it is, I would not have believed them.
    It was strange, when I first received this, I was somewhat impatient to “get it working” so to speak, then after about half an hour fiddling about, I realised this has no batteries, no mains, nothing! Of course this is what it’s all about, it’s sort of self powered by means of a crank handle on the back. It really works. Since then I have found that even the chore of winding can be dispensed with. There is a USB cable supplied which you can plug directly into your computer which will give you about eight hours continuance use.
    Well done Trevor, what’s next?