By David Ponce

Looks like these days we’re fixated on software, what with all the hoopla over TopDesk and such. Well, it doesn’t stop there. You have to hear about PawSense. For $20, you can allegedly fix whatever problems might be caused when your cat confuses your keyboard for a Dance Dance Revolution mat. As soon as erratic typing is detected, the program freezes all input and simultaneously emits a “sound that is annoying to cats”, to teach them to stay away.

And yes, yes, the year 2000 called and it wants its news back. AND, the site peddling this stuff looks like it was designed by a blind martian, which doesn’t bode well to the quality of the program… but nevertheless, perhaps someone somewhere dropped the $20 and can tell us if this thing works at all.

[PawSense] VIA [No Puedo Creer]