By David Ponce

You know what stinks? Your dog’s poop is what, and now there might be something you can do about it. And yes, yes, you could just pick it up and properly dispose of it, but while you’re doing that, it’s going to stink, no? Avoid your nostrils the trouble with the Pet SuperJuice.

It’s a chemical compound replete with (alien, no doubt) bacteria that allegedly “competes” with the bacteria found in your dog’s intestines in order to remove the foul odors. You spray it on your doggie’s food, it does its job and aside from the olfactory benefits, it’s also said to boost the digestion of food, and provides vitamins.

It’s not being sold everywhere, instead Pet SuperJuice is currently found at a handful of stores in Oklahoma and Arkansas for an undetermined amount. Story VIA Doggie News