So you like your pet. No, no, you really like your pet. You like him enough to spend Heaven knows how much to keep track of him every second of every hour. And you know what? You’re proud of it.PetMobility Cell Phone

Here’s how this works. You program the collar to recognise your phone number (like your cell’s). Then you attach the collar to your pet. You go to work. You go on the internet. With the GPS unit, you know where your pet is at any time. You get lonely. You miss him. You dial the collar’s number. It recognizes yours and answers. You chat away and get a fuzzy warm feeling.

Fun, no? Well, PetsMobility Network seems to think so. They’re banking on the $34.3 billion pet and pet related expenditure maket ($34.3 billion???!?!) to make a pretty penny from this. And you know what? I bet they will.

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