By David Ponce

The title says it all. A bunch of kids got together and rigged up a system that was able to transmit an unamplified WiFi signal to 125 miles, from outside Las Vegas, Nevada to a location near St. George, Utah.

They used the VCom 325hp+ PCMCIA cards running at a built-in power of 300 mw on each end of the link. The cards were connected to one 12 foot and one 10 foot diameter satellite dish (see photo) on each side of the link. The computers they used were running Linux. And their link quality was so fantastic that they got 12 ms ping times, ran ssh shell commands, and even used vnc remote desktop.

They’re also working on plans to smash the current 1.08 miles bluetooth record.

Good job guys, really.

Check out the website here. Story VIA The Gadget Blog.


  1. Students Send WiFi Signal 125 Miles

    Team PAD broke their own record—55 miles—yesterday by shooting a WiFi signal 125 across the arid wastes around Las Vegas aka The Las Vegas Suburbs. They used 12- and 10-foot satellite dishes to send a 12Mbps to St. George, Utah…

  2. I think sending a microwave signal 125 Miles would be very hard unless they were sending the signal on top a very high mountain to another very high mountain there is something call the Curve of the Earth. Which limits the distance one can transmit a signal… You could go 125 with microwave if it was from one mountain to another. I have transmitted 10watts 75miles with video on it.

    microwave engineer