By Shane McGlaun

I spent many (many, many) a lazy summer day in my youth playing Punch Out on the Nintendo. There seemed to have been a Punch Out underground at the time. Everyone knew someone, who knew someone that knew a trick to beating the various fighters in the game, but no one knew the person who found the tricks directly.

Punch Out for the Nintendo Wii launched officially yesterday, and the game sounds like a workout. Like Wii Sports boxing, the game uses the Nunchuck and Wii remote to allow players to actually punch. The game can also utilize the balance board to let players duck and weave. If you are the type of gamer who likes to be slovenly, the game can be played with a classic controller as well.

Several play modes are offered in addition to the fight your way to the top mode we all know and love including multiple player and defend your title mode. In the defend your title you start at the top and have to fight the cast of characters with their weaknesses hidden. For instance, Glass Joe wears headgear and King Hippo hides his belly with a manhole cover. I wonder if the old Punch Out underground will reopen to pass on the tricks to beating the fighters in the new modes.

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