paintball deluxe

By David Ponce

You know, this picture could have had so much more impact if this guy didn’t have that fuglalicious gut. But whatever, that’s not the point. What he’s holding is a creation he names “The Defender”, and is sure to give you somewhat of an edge in your next paintball meet, should you manage to get your hands on it. How so? It fires a devastating stream of balls, at the rate of 80 rounds per second.

The dude seems to be into WWII stuff, and his writeup on how he made it is somewhat amusing. Seems the back-mounted device uses two three-pound tanks of gas, and for whatever reason cannot be fired while standing up cannot be fired while laying down [Your author is retarded. -Ed]. Bummer.

[The Defender] VIA [Prylfeber]


  1. per the article….

    “It seems impossible to fire from a prone position”

    prone means laying down flat on the ground.

    not standing

    Most likely so because of the handles of the guns

    prone means laying down flat on the ground.

    mostlilky so because of the handels of the guns