By David Ponce

I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on this one.

Most people shell out a good couple of grand pimping out their rides with sweet shiny mags. If you’re in the mood of spending one hundred times that much though, then you should be looking at the $250,000 Asanti Wheels.

Of course, with 63,000 carats worth of multicolored (fire red, emerald green, canary yellow, and old-school clear) cubic zirconium and various faceplates (chrome, 24k gold, or – oddly enough – wood), the price is only partly justified.

The other part is you not being born with a sense of what money is actually worth.

Get them here. Story VIA GearLive.


  1. Just wait ’til some punk comes to steal them in the middle of the night. “GREAT JUMPING ALLIGATOR EGGS! SOMEBODY STOLE A MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF WHEELS FROM MY CAR!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!
    *puts gun in mouth pulls trigger*