Quattro clockSo this is a really special one. It’s really just a clock, but one that breaks out of the mold and goes where no clock has gone before.

First of all, without power, it’s just an off-white plastic box, with no buttons, no markings, nothing. Then, when in use, it senses it’s orientation and changes function accordingly. In other words, if it’s on its side, it’s a radio. Tilt it up, it becomes an alarm. Horizontally, it’s a clock. With each change, the display (that shines through the plastic) also changes to adapt to it’s current funtion. It senses when you’re getting near and will light up its touch-sensitive buttons so you can set it.

The icing on the cake though, is the snooze function. It’s remote controlled. And the remote… is a teddy bear. Squeeze the teddy, and back to sleep you go.

Is it cool? You betcha.

Can you buy it?… probably not.

Check out the maker’s website.