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Quit Smoking Now! At Least The Smoke Part

Cigarettes By Asim Waqar

So, in man’s never ending quest for finding the perfect smoking cessation aide, a Swiss website ( ) has gone one step further: a cigarette that is itself a quit smoking tool.

As a smoker (who still tries to hide it from his parents) I find the idea brilliant: the Swiss creators of the NicStic claim they have invented a smokeless cigarette which does not create the toxic substances associated with smoking (tar, carcinogenic compounds such as hydrazine, chrysene, arsenic, cadmium, benzapyrene, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, etc.) all the while maintaining the nicotine levels (and flavours!) without which many smokers exhibit the symptoms of bi-polar disorder.

Other unobvious personal uses I have for this product:

1. My parents will not smell the smoke on me, so I can continue to live the life lie
2. My wife will stop bugging me about the effects of second hand smoke
3. If its all cracked out to be, I can smoke in my office

The above steps are a means to an ends. I have every intention of quitting. It is really not easy.

NicStic is in the test phase, with retail availability scheduled for this year!
So go read up to your healths’ content –

I am going outside – and downwind – for a smoke.