actiondvrby David Edney

Remember the beginning of Johnny Mnemonic where that guy is running first person view from the cops and he falls to his death?Well, now you too can have your own reality TV show. For a measly $1095 you can buy your own portable DVR and be the star of your own show. The DVR4000 has 20GB of hard drive storage, and a battery pack that will probably burn a hole in your pocket… if if it even fits in there. The camera itself is only 21mm across, but if you plan to put it on your cap, even that’s a little large. You also get 5-7 hours of video at 480 lines of resolution, so you can record your super interesting life and entertain your guests like good old slideshows never could.

But you know something? At $1,100, I think I’ll stick to my cameraphone.

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