Red E Bag, Dedicated Regurgitation Bag


red e bagBy David Ponce

The Red E Bag is a bag specially designed for you to throw up in. It’s got a black removable plastic liner and holds up to half a gallon of whatever you just ate. There’s a little zippered pocket on the outside designed to hold mints and napkins. The bag itself is made of durable and water resistant 500D nylon and vinyl. When not in use, it folds up into a “casual sporty bag” size, which means 7.5inches by 4.5inches.

While we think that any self-respecting college student shouldn’t go without one, it’s actually being marketed to people who might have a more noble use for it: cancer patients, pregnant women or very touchy travelers. The puke purse casual sporty Red E Bag costs $16, while the liner refills will cost between $8.5 for ten or $15 for twenty.

[Red E Bag] VIA [Gizmag]