rimax mysticBy David Ponce

It’s not often we get our panties up in a bunch over an MP3 player these days. Let’s face it, aside from memory upgrades and different designs, we’ve just about seen every (useful) feature crammed into them already. Not that we’re hating on the music players, but here at OhGizmo we’re always after something special. And we think we might have found a little nugget in the Rimax Mystic. It’s got all the features a good MP3 player should have, including video on a 65k color, 1.5 inch screen. But it also happens to double as a Skype phone. Simply connect the device to any PC via USB, and the pre-installed Skype software will let you use the Mystic as a VoIP phone. There’s a microphone on the player, and the headphones will act as, well, as the headphones, so you can easily stay in touch on the go.

It comes in sizes of 512MB up to 2GB, and starts at ?56, or about $106 after conversion.

[Rimax Mystic] VIA [Xataka]