RSVP Reading


Reading a book on your cellphone sucks. The screen’s so small, you have to continually scroll… and well, you’d have to be a tard to enjoy doing it.

Well, things might change with RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) reading. The idea is that instead of reading words from left to right, as you’re used to, you could have the words flashed to you in sequence. You can adjust the flash speed depending on how many years you went to school and even pause and rewind.

I know it sounds asinine when I explain it. I can make sex sound asinine. So instead, why don’t you try it, here. And if you like it a lot, there’s this software you can download to your cell, called BuddyBuzz, that allows you to do just that.

It’s some very, very cool stuff, people.

Story VIA Core77.