samsung yp-p3

By David Ponce

Remember a few years ago when everything looked like an iPod? Well, the iPhone’s the big daddy now, and what do you know… stuff is hitting the market that bears more than an uncanny resemblance. In this case, Samsung’s YP-P3 DAP has taken more than a few design clues from the Jesus phone; from the touchscreen interface, to the icon-based navigation menu. Of course, it’s not actually a phone, but it is a capable media player with 8GB of flash memory and Bluetooth. Oh, and built-in speakers, which we kind of like on a music player.

There’s no word on price or availability yet, but we do have one more picture after the jump.

samsung yp-p3

VIA [ SciFi Tech ]


  1. ROFL wow samsung p3 huh, yeah i guess it cud be a iphone copy, if it existed,

    granted the p2 looks like the iphone/itouch but it has better video quality and better sound quality, which is all you cud ask form an mp4

  2. Ermm that’s a Yp-p2 and it can make and recieve calls, it came out before the iPhone so it’s not a copy? and the price was released a long time ago. I can;t believe how wrong you are in this article…