meizu m6 se

By David Ponce

If you have half a brain, when you go out shopping for something, you know you’re better off buying the product that does more stuff, while paying less money. That’s why we’re digging the new Meizu M6se. It’s the second generation MP3 player from these guys, and they’ve managed to slim it down to a scant 7-mm (0.28-inches). That’s 0.5mm (0.02-inches) thicker than its direct competition, the iPod nano… but it has a 2.4-inch QVGA display and FM tuner. And better yet, the rumored 8GB version should retail somewhere around $130. Aside from that, it plays all the usual formats.

Of course this more-for-less logic only works if the product performs as advertised, which we won’t be able to find out until it starts shipping, possibly in August.

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  1. I own the previous generation of Meizu and i must say, that it’s truly the worst product i ever used. Maybe there is a specific error on my device.
    But it simply refuses to play high-volume music in any other than, reaaally crappy quality. And no, high-end headphones nor firmware upgrade affect nothin’

    I’m not trying to flame the brand or the product, but I would recomed anyone who have plans on buying a Meizu, to first test it in the store.

    (btw. My Sony Walkman NW-A805 is the best pmp I’ve used so far).

  2. It probably is just you, every review i’ve read says it has excellent sound quality. Firmware upgrades have been plentiful. And what pmp comes with high end earphones?