skardin ht-250By David Ponce

The Skardin HT-250 PMP is another random, token PMP from over the pond, but it’s also one that raises an interesting question. With flash memory card sizes reaching the 4GBs, and prices dropping, is it better to get a player with permanent storage, or one that’s memory card based? The HT-250 eschews permanent storage for SD/MMC, and in doing so opens up some interesting possibilities. Sure, we’re not saying to get this instead of an 80gigger, but if you’re on the fence between, say, a fixed-memory 2gigger and this, then why not? Specs-wise, it could do worse: it comes with a 2.4-inch TFT display, DVB-T receiver, AV out, and support for MPEG1/2, MPEG4, DivX, and XviD files and presumably also music.

Skardin is based in China, Taiwan and the UK, and it’s not clear at this point whether it’ll stay in those markets, or even how much it will cost once released.

[Skardin Website] VIA [Xataka]