nullNow what the heck does that mean? Well, see, I’m no good with words. So let me allow designer Michael Jefferson tell you himself.

A slumber light is a luminescent cube containing a photograph of a distant friend or family member that glows when that person is asleep.

Imagine this scenario. Sam, climbs into bed for his nighttime stories. Below his mattress is a proximity sensor that picks up on his bodies electrical field and turns on a SlumberLight on his night stand. The light pulses and glows, slowly. A signal is also sent out over the web to a chat server telling a remote SlumberLight on his Great Grandmothers (for instance) night stand to also turn on and pulse. The Slumberlight contains a picture of Sam. As Sam settles in to sleep, the pulsing slows and goes into a low resting state while he sleeps. When he wakes and leaves his bed the SlumberLight turns off, waiting for the coming nighttime stories to turn on again.

Sound quaintly poetic, and perhaps there are people out there interested in this sort of thing. See, me, I’m soulless and have no special human bond with anyone. So this sort of thing is lost on me.

He’s actually built it and everything.

Check it out. VIA Chaos Digest.