By Shane McGlaun

I will admit that other than the PS3 I am not a fan of Sony products. I especially loathe Sony cameras, not because they aren’t cool and don’t work well, but because you have to use Sony proprietary memory card formats that cost much more than the good ‘ol SD cards other cams can use.

If you don’t mind Sony’s proprietary nature, the company has announced three new DSLR cameras including the a380, a330, and a230. The a230 and a330 cameras are both 10.2-megapixel joints with adjustable LCDs and more goodies. The a230 is hailed as the most compact and light DSLR available at only 15.9-ounces.

If you want more megapixels the a380 sports 14.2 of them and promises to be lighter than Sony’s high megapixel predecessors the a300 and a350. All three sport Sony’s SteadyShot Inside tech to stabilize images regardless of the lens used. Kits with a SAL-1855 lens sell for $850 for the a380l kit, $650 for the a330L kit, and $550 for the a230L kit. Add $200 to each kit price and you can get a better kit with the SAL-1855 lens and the SAL-55200 zoom lens. The cams can be pre-ordered now.

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