Spectravision’s Logic3 PSP BoomBox


By David Ponce

Some folks get all soft and fuzzy at the mention of the word “iPod”. They bend at the knees and go out and make all sorts of peripherals for the God of Music Players. Admittedly, this is one of the strong selling points and I’m all for it and all that. The problem is, like it or not, the iPod is not the only kid on the block.

Matter of fact, another dude’s out there, stamping its feet for some attention. And it’s getting it. I’m talking about the Sony PSP. Aside from being the best handheld gaming console ever, it’s also a very complete portable media player (of course, you knew that). As such, it deserves some sweet peripheral action too, and is getting some by Spectravision in the shape of a docking station/cradle/charger thing with 12watts worth of speakers and subwoofer.

It runs on 4 triple A batteries and has some, uh, interesting features, like: 3D sound effect and blue LED illumination.

If you want a full spec sheet, go inside. Otherwise, out here I’m just giving you the price: $87.

* 2.1 Sub-woofer Speaker System
* 12 Watts RMS
* Operates from AC Adaptor (included) or Batteries 4xAA (not included)
* Internal 3D surround sound processor
* Docking station for PSP re-charging
* Blue soft-light illumination
* 3.5mm Stereo line-in for playing other audio devices like MP3, MD, CD player. etc
* Dimensions: 104 x 278 x 38mm (H x W x D)
* Weight – 550g
* 3.5mm Stereo Line-in (Cable provided) to allow gameplay , or play back of other audio devices including MP3, CD player, MiniDisc etc.
* Carry Case for Sound System & PSP console.

Subwoofer – 2.5??? Woofer 4ohm

* 6 Watts RMS

Satellite Speakers – 30mm full range speaker 4ohm

* Neodymium aluminium speaker cones
* 6 Watts RMS

Check out the website here. Story VIA DAPreview.