sputniklampThis is just a lamp. That’s it. No more.

Yup. And I love it.

This wicked chrome fantasy was designed by Paul de Haan and stands 2feet tall. It has 24 chrome finished arms including 12 with spherical chrome balls and 12 with chrome light fittings. It’s European and needs an adaptor to work Stateside.

See, now, the thing weighs in at almost $400. If I was the kind of guy that spends that much on, say, a haircut, I’d get one in a heartbeat.

Sadly I’m not, but you can perform your own acquisition at Decennia Design. Or at FearsAndKahn. Story VIA Trendir.


  1. A bit expensive for a repro. I refinished/built a handful of originals and were not all that expensive. Some have glass plate behind the bulb cup which is real sharp. Also, chrome is pretty lame, they definitely look better in nickel.