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Starry Starry Light

Teapot sized Homestar planetoriumBy Michelle Cheung

Whenever someone tried to explain which star is which by pointing at the sky, I would have no idea which one they were talking about. There are gazillion of them and most look exactly alike. Also, going outdoors at night isn’t always fun when you have to battle with gigantic flies and unknown creatures just to see the sky. Here’s where the HOMESTAR Home planetarium comes into play.

Developed by Sega and Japanese planetarium developer Takayuki Ohira, the super small-sized Homestar planetarium uses wide angle projection lens to project approximately 10,000 stars onto your ceiling. This futuristic looking machine is estimated to be around $190US and can be found on eBay.

For some reason, several hotel chains are offering these units in their hotel rooms. They sure make a nice romantic night light.

Also, it looks exactly like the DeathStar!

Check out the website (in Japanese).