swapshop headsets

By David Ponce

Ladies, owning a headset doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck putting a shiny, round, moderny and oh-so-unstylish piece of hardware on your pretty heads. You now have a special place where you can make such purchases a little more fashion-friendly. It’s called Swapsets. The site will give you the opportunity to create your very own, unique headset: you first pick the headband, which comes in 32 flavors. You then choose the headphone/headset (meaning, one ear, or two), of which you have 12 varieties. Finally, you have the opportunity of adding 1 of 20 dangles. This gives you a total of 7,680 possible headset combinations!

Of course, you can purchase each of these parts alone, but what fun would that be? A whole set will usually set you back around $70. And just so we’re clear, we’re talking 2.5mm jack here, which will work with many cellphones and some cordless phones as well.

[Swapsets] VIA [Xataka]