By David Ponce

Your computer’s power supply is a chronically overachieving hamster in a wheel? It’s an Olivetti, or something equally retro? It’s so old, you’re not sure whether you’re able to even play games on it?

There’s a site out there that can help you figure out if a certain game will work on your setup, before you go to the store and buy the game. Go to and chose from a dropdown list of games. There’s a bunch there.

Then, it’ll ask you if you want to install a small ActiveX file on your system. Once you approve it, it will analyse your system and determine whether or not you can play the particular game you chose. If you cannot, it will pinpoint exactly what part of you system needs upgrading.

Pretty useful stuff. So, again, the website is here. Story VIA Digg.


  1. There’s more to why it might fail than whether you have a good enough processor. Things like HHD space, or RAM, or the speed of your graphics card might come into play.

    Carefully read what it tells you. One of the listed items should tell you what exactly about your rig is causing it to fail.

  2. Lol, are you serious? It told you your CPU failed, even though you have a PIV and it only needs a PIII? Holy crap, if that’s true, you’re right, this thing sucks!

    Are you sure you have a PIV? 🙂

  3. Aw… I just figured these little turds out! They’ll try to make you believe your PC is out of shape only so they can peddle some stuff. That’s low!

  4. yeah.. this is messed up. it worked on my dads desktop pc once.. but then i tryed to evaluate another game and it completely messed up everything… like what i said i had wasnt even close to being right… then i tried on my laptop and it was all messed up.. said my processesor was some other kind than it actually is, dont trust this at all.. i rather just find out your computer specs by running dxdiag or whatever.. then looking at the minimum req. for the game.. it’s a good ides but it doesnt work correctly..

  5. I used it to check and see if I could handle Madden 2006, now I read up that madden 06 requires a 64 meg gfx card, I’m running a GeForce 2 Ultra, which is 64 megs…and it said I failed?! lol that site is crap