TAK pushpinLeave it to Ideationdesigns.com to come up with an improvement on the thumbtack. Not only does it look good, but it can do two things the old thumbtacks couldn’t.

First, it prevents whatever paper you’re tacking from swivelling in the wind, since it has two needles.

Second, you can thread strings or wires through them for countless creative uses.

They’re not that expensive either, considering the innovation. A 6-pack will dent your wallet for 5$, whereas a 250-pack of clear TAK pushpins will set you back 25$.

Visit the website. Story via MoCoLoCo.


  1. TAK Pushpins

    We support any smart, simple invention that could put an eye out, and these TAK Pushpins meet the base requirements. Not only do they have two pins to prevent corner rotation and tearing (a scourge that has terrorized the blacklight…

  2. This isn’t your father’s thumbtack!

    We stick a lot of stuff to the corkboards here in Cavanaugh Hall with stickpins and thumbtacks. Here’s the next generation of thumbtacks!

    TAK Pushpins