human player

By David Ponce

This bizarre Japanese toy called “Human Player” simply tries to be… you. The first time you use it, it asks you 50 questions which are meant to analyze you and your personality. Once that’s done, it creates a little avatar: you!

From there, it splits into 22 personality offshoots and analyzes you the way a psychoanalyst would, and tells you who you really are. Once this is done, you can let you interact with up to 16 other digital peeps via IR and see how they interact.

The real strategy behind this device is the IR interaction with other people; it only really gets interesting when you start playing around with other Human Player owners (who of course have to buy their own Human Player). It would be interesting to see if your mini-you gets into fistfights with your mini-sister, or flips the bird at your mini-father, just like in real life.

When we visited the site (which is in Japanese), we were able to glean a few numbers that we interpreted to mean the following: Human Player has been available since March 31st, 2007 and costs 2,980 Yen, or roughly $25. Seems to be Japan only, but we can’t see why some enterprising importers couldn’t bring it across the pond.

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