By Shane McGlaun

I never pre-order video games; I don’t like having to pay full price for something that I can’t walk out of the store with. I bet there are many gamers out there who agree with me on that. Perhaps if the pre-order didn’t require me to pay up front I would reserve games.

Target has announced a new game reservation program that lets gamers reserve coming video games for only $1. For the buck, you get a card that looks like a gift card with the game logo on the front. Once the game comes in you pay the retail price and Target gives you a $5 gift card.

The only catch is that you apparently can’t use the $5 towards the game you are buying that day. Target says the card is good on future purchases. However, I guess you could use the $5 gift card on other gaming essentials like soft drinks and Twizzlers or just save it to use for your next game purchase. The Target program is kicking off with reservation cards for Punch Out!! from Nintendo, EA Sports Active from Electronic Arts, Ghostbusters from Atari, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings from LucasArts, and UFC 2009 Undisputed from THQ. I really want that UFC game, it looks really cool.

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