By David Ponce

You are a code ninja. C runs in your veins. Instead of Alpha Bits, you eat Binary Bits. You compile in your dreams and recite p-code in the shower.

You have been granted a great and wonderful gift. And by Jove, so will your children! You will teach them.

They will learn.

And you’re going to start with this: a fantabulous board game called “c-jump: Ski & Snowboard Race”. It is being marketed to kids ages 11 and up, and

it teaches the child basic commands of a programming language, such as “if”, “else”, “switch”, and introduces variable “x” concept.

So not only does this look like some wonderful geeky family fun, proceedings from the sale of this product also support Common Text Transformation Library, an open source programming project on the internet.

It’s $22 plus $7 shipping. Check out the product page. Story VIA Gadget Garden.