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The Cosmetics Fridge

By David Ponce

It looks like a rice cooker, but it really isn’t.

I found out something new today: seems there’s an optimal temperature at which to keep your, um, cosmetics. Of course, I’m talking to y’all gals out there. Did you know you should be keeping your pretty colors and toners and such at around 10 to 14 degrees?

At least, that’s what EUPA Korea would have you believe. They’ve just launched the AKC-207, a somewhat portable make-up fridge. You get to set the temperature trough a nifty digital display, and best of all, it doesn’t use freon. It uses, er, steam instead. At least, that’s what I think I understood.

Well, you realize this is probably Korea only. Still, now you know.

Story VIA New Launches.