By David Ponce

How can you increase sales of a product without adding an iota of new functionality to it? Simple: hijack an upcoming Holiday and “re-purpose” your product for the occasion. In this case, we have good ole Dremel getting into the business of selling a special Halloween pumpkin-carving package.

For $30 you get the Dremel tool, plus a set of intricate patterns from which to carve funkalicious Halloween pumpkins. Check out the website. Story VIA Dremel.


  1. Special Dremel Pumpkin Kit

    Marketing Tip #150: You can increase sales of any product without improvising on its functions by deviously repackaging it for a particular holiday – for instance, Halloween. Dremel have taken this devilish route by selling a special Halloween p…

  2. Kit Dremel spécial citrouilles

    Astuce de vente n°150 : Il est possible d’augmenter les ventes de n’importe quel produit sans l’améliorer pour autant en changeant son emballage pour tous les évènements spéciaux, comme par exemple pour Halloween. Dremel a suivi cette voie …