The iPod nano Thong


By David Ponce

Seems some marketing dudes must have fallen into the same batch of stupid stew as children, and grown up with strange ideas about what sort of fashion accessories people want for their gadgets. A few months ago, we showed you the phone thong, a thong shaped case for your cellphone.

Now someone else is selling a thong shaped case for the iPod nano. Yeah, that’s right. For $35, you can carry your brand new nano around in a leather thong.

I’m not… you know, I’m not going to spend another word on this.

Go here and search for “thong” to get to it and buy it, if you’re so inclined. Story VIA TUAW.


  1. Also, it conveniently exposes the corners, along with pretty much anything you might want to actually PROTECT, while preventing you from using controls. It strategically covers only PART of the screen, making it both unprotected AND useless.