By David Ponce

The iPod nano is so darn small, it could fit in your wallet. Literally. Although, that might be blasphemous for some of you. I mean, hey, putting the nano in such an… undedicated environment, that’s just wrong. So, of course, a company has come out and made a dedicated nano wallet.

A company called makes the CEO™ Billfold Wallet for iPod nano. Features include:

• Leather outer construction
• Leather-lined interior
• Credit card pockets
• Secure ID Pocket
• Full-size cash compartment
• Plastic screen and click wheel protector for nano
• Can charge nano in the billfold
• Easy access to hold button & earphone jack

For $35, there certainly are worse things to buy for Christmas.

Check out the product page. Story VIA Xataka.


  1. Great now all we need is someone with good image editing skills to take that picture and enlarge the print and clear it up till its readable.

    Product looks fine, the Nano belongs in your a**.

  2. iPod nano wallet

    With previous stories of the iPod nano not being up to scratch and being the target of envious thiefs why not try a custom wallet which holds the nano securely.

    • Leather outer construction
    • Leather-lined interior
    • Credit card po…

  3. I dont think it is the worst idea although, not the best. If you keep your pocket in your front pocket its okay but im sure there are gonna be some dumb idiots who break their nanos by, ok i dont know, sitting on it, and try and sue, oh well