lyra x3000
By Tanya Palta

We somehow missed this at CES, but it’s never too late, so check out the LYRA X3000. This Personal Multimedia Recorder not only acts like a handheld TV, but also packs some PVR features, storing up to 40 feature length movies, on a 20GB hard drive.

It stores your shows in MPEG4 format, and sports a 3.6-inch TFT ultra-bright color LCD screen with 320 x 240 resolution. Now you can be couch potatoes… on the go!

The LYRA X3000 by RCA became available in January with a suggested retail price of $399. Bunch more specs after the jump.

[Thomson] VIA [GizmoNews]

Some other features include:

Compatible with both pay-per-song and subscription services, the LYRA X3000 can store hundreds of hours of mp3, Windows Media Audio, and Audible audio files ? including those from popular PC-based subscription music and video services.

Additionally, this versatile jukebox offers the capability to create slide shows with zoom and photo rotation, and users can add their own music for further enhancement.

Other Key Features

– Voice Labeling: enables recording of audio commentary to go with photos or images stored on the device?s hard drive
– Auto Resume: remembers the track location and volume setting when the power is shut off and automatically returns to the location when the device is turned on
-Universal 3-Device IR Remote Control: allows user to operate the X3000 and other devices from a distance