By David Ponce

I’ve always speculated on just how train drivers keep themselves from sinking into madness. I mean, hey, what’s there to do? Start the train, stop the train, honk now and then, and let yourself be hypnotised by miles upon miles of winding tracks. It would drive my pet rock insane.

That’s until I saw the Raildriver desktop train cab controller. It’s essentially a controller meant to be used with Microsoft’s Train Simulator and Auran Trainz. And now that I see all the knobs and buttons and levers and such, I am beginning to think that maybe there’s more to driving a train that I at first thought.

Not that I give much of a damn, but it’s interesting nonetheless. If you’re seriously into trains and such, you can get this for $150, right here. Of course, if you’re prepared to spend that much on a controller, then chances are you’ve already heard about this.