ride on carry onBy David Ponce

Now, this is my kind of efficiency. The picture rather speaks for itself, but well, it’s essentially just a little folding chair, called the Ride-On Carry-On, that easily attaches to your travel bag. Sit your kid, and haul him around, just like that.

The fun can be had for $32.

[The Ride-On Carry-On] VIA [Uber Review]


  1. Becareful, when you drag your bag.
    If it flips somewhere along the way, you kid’s face will just land on the floor.
    It will be quite a ride for your kid.

    Not a bad idea punishing your kids though.
    “If you dont stop crying, I will put you in the Ride-On Carry-On!!”.

  2. Lazy parents rejoice!…

    Now you never have to carry your kid again. Just strap them onto your luggage with this little chair and make sure they keep their legs straight out like the girl in the photo. It’s great exercise for their……