By David Ponce

If you ask me, using your thumb to send an SMS is asinine. Really, think about it. What’s intuitive about tapping a key four times to get one letter?

The VPen might solve those problems though. It’s essentially a laser-equipped pen that uses Bluetooth to connect to your cell, PDA or whatever. It has integrated character recognition software, so it can read your handwriting (hopefully that is) and translate that into text which is then transmitted to your cell wirelessly. There’s no need for a special paper or surface. The pen tip has no ink, so no stained clothes.

You can switch modes and also use it as a mouse, enabling you to draw and drag and drop icons and such.

It’s really quite ingenious and hopefully will see market soon, as it’s still in R & D. From the tone of the site though, you get the feeling it’s a little more than vaporware. Let’s hope so.

Check out the website here. There’s a good FAQ page here. Story VIA Textually.