This is the Slidewheel. Developed by a German company, it’s a strange theme park ride that has riders on a 4-person tube going through a long bending tube that rotates like a Ferris wheel. The way it works is that it rotates its maze-like structure to let gravity propel tube riders forward.

It can accommodate 720 riders in an hour, and reaches a top speed of 25 mph. Though the riders are constantly ‘stuck’ momentarily, as they wait for ride to rotate enough for them to proceed. But let’s be honest this looks like the coolest thing ever invented and will be worth the 7-hour wait in line.

It’s still undergoing tests in Europe, which might result in some delays as every inspector who sees the structure mutters ‘What the f–k’ under their breath before fainting.

Hit the jump for an animated x-ray video of the ride to see how it actually works.

Popular Mechanics ]