Top Gaming Laptop
Go any where and game any where with these best gaming laptops.

We’ll let you in on a poorly kept secret: gaming laptops are more interesting and powerful than ever before. The best gaming laptop of 2016 proves that you can go mobile without sacrificing too much gaming power, no matter what you prefer to play. And thanks to the latest laptop computer inventions, such as new mobile ports for high-end GPUs, performance and display quality has never been better.

Power and durability are, of course, important when searching for the top gaming laptop. You’ll have to sacrifice some weight to get everything in one package, so we also suggest considering a gaming laptop pack or case that can hold everything easily. As always, features specifically devoted toward gaming, like a powerful but quiet cooling system, are worth buying as welll. When it comes to storage, a hybrid or SSD is your best bet, but you will have to pay more for the privilege, so start saving up. Check out our electronics reviews for more information.

As far as the screen goes, don’t even think about going below HD – and if you have enough to spend, 4K gaming laptops are now readily available. While most gaming laptops have acceptable keyboards with solid design and customization options, you may want to take a look to make sure the setup is to your liking before buying.

Asus ROG G75

Asus ROG Gaming Laptop
Power and portability come with the Asus ROG gaming laptop.

The ROG line from Asus is a surprisingly powerful computer that’s capable of handling a surprising amount of software. The HD, 17.3-inch screen should be large enough for any game, and the processor can be turbo-charged up to 3.6GHz. It’s the RAM, however, that gets a lot of attention with up to 24 available GBs, which enough to run pretty much anything, ever. The hybrid drive combines 1TB of HDD storage and 256GB of SSD. The one downside to this model is that it is a bit old, and can be difficult to find in stock. Prices start around $2,500.

Alienware 15

Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop
Get out of this world power with the Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop

It’s no surprise that Alienware has some impressive gaming laptops, and the 15 brings several worthwhile features, including an option for a UHD touchscreen (surprisingly handy) and up to 16GB of RAM with a 3GB NVidia GPU. There’s no optical drive, but there is a 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD. When possible, pick a version of this laptop that comes with Windows 10. Prices start at around $1,700 for this model.