Turn Your Head Into A Pirolette


By David Ponce

Pictures, my friends, are so 20th century. Why would you want to preserve your loved one’s likenesses with something that people have been using for, well, over 100 years?! No, no, instead, you should have their profile “turned” into an actual wooden vase.

Let me explain. You know those pictures where you can’t figure out if you’re seeing two faces, or one vase? Well, the good folks at Turn Your Head are in the business of using that very concept to make a very personal and unique “vase”, called a Pirolette.

What you do is take a picture of your profile (using their special kit) and send it to them. They will then carve out your profile out of your choice of cherry, maple or walnut wood and make a work of art. Each Pirolette can be placed against your face and match your profile perfectly. You can place it against a light, and your silhouette will be projected onto a wall.

This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and it costs only $150. Check it out here. Story VIA BookOfJoe.


  1. Yet Another Odd Thing

    From “Dies Irae,” from Sunday, which I swear to God is almost done…they’ve figured out a way to put you inside one of my wacky metaphors. Sure it’s wood and I don’t think you can drink out of it (give it time), but it kinda freaks me out.