The GPX2 looks well sexy in black

By Mac Harris

Korean upstart Gamepark Holdings may actually have a shot at the big boys (Sony & Nintendo) [Forgive him in his foolishness, for he is young -Ed.] with its new GPX2 “Personal Entertainment Player” portable everything console.

While there aren’t legions of game companies dumping millions into developing titles for the console, the GPX2’s expansive feature set and its inner desire to get along with as many file formats as possible make it quite attractive in contrast to the walled-off DRM fortresses that Nintendo and Sony have built. It runs Linux, has a dual core processor, runs for 8 hours (video playback) on a two AA batteries, and supports this orgy of audio/video formats:
MPEG, MPEG4, Dvix 3.11,4x,5x, XVID, WMV, MP3,OGG,WMA, JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF.

Oh yeah, it can also run emulators to play the 19 billion or so games made for MAME, SNES, Genesis, and PC Engine.

Official Gamepark GPX2 Product Page