By David Ponce

That’s right folks. So, you’ve got your ubiquitous podcasts, ok? Nevermind Bill Gates geting all hemmorhoidal and calling them Blogcasts… they’re still podcasts and that’s that. Of course, everyone and the mailman’s wife is making one… and now some churchy dude in England is making “Godcasts”. Uh huh: Rev. Leonard Payne (vicar of a some jurisdiction in Suffolk, UK), is discovering that people are truly enjoying his digital sermons.

Over a short period of time, over 2,400 people have downloaded one of the sermons. The volume was so great we had to change servers and in the last five days of July, over 230 copies of our talks have been delivered, an incredible reaction to the work of a small rural congregation.

That, my friends, is awesome. Think of it! You can stay home, watching the game, yet still get your Sunday sermon. How great is that?

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