No, no, I suppose a helmet with integrated headphones is not exactly new, exciting or anything of the sort. Well, there you have it anyway. If you fancy extreme sports and have reached the conclusion that wearing your regular earmuffs kind of cramps your style, then you might consider the “Nine Tune-Ups II MP3 Helmet”, at $140.

Can’t quite figure out why it’s an “MP3” helmet, since it’ll presumably work with just about any source you plug into it, even, horror of all horrors, not an iPod. I guess “MP3” has become a bit like “2000” before the new millenium. I’m sure you remember things like The Thighmaster2000, or the Orgasmatron2000 and endless other such products.

Well anyway, a little more about the helmet.

It features a coiled cord for extra mobility, an in-line volume/mute control for adjustment on the fly, and it doesn’t compromise fit or feel of traditional ear pads. Tune-Ups ear pads are removable and can be swapped for a regular pad anytime.

Yeah, ok, so you can get it here. The story is VIA The Gadget Blog.


  1. This does not excite me.

    Especially as there is already a motorcycle helmet out that uses Bluetooth to wirelessly run a set of headphones built into the helmet. Anything Bluetooth-enabled can interface with it, and look, ma, no wires! Once they put in a mike as well, you’ll be set; Bluetooth cellphone calls, two-way radio, rider/passenger intercom, radar detector audible warnings, GPS nav directions, music… You name it, all piped in wirelessly.

    When they do that to a bicycle helmet, I’ll be more impressed.