By Shane McGlaun

Spring has sprung and in many parts of the country and before you know it the heat will be sweltering and many of us will be heading to the pool to hand out and have fun. One key ingredient of a pool party is music (and babes in bikinis), the catch is that water and most electronic devices don’t get along.

Grace Digital Audio has announced a new floating wireless speaker called the Aqua sounders retailing for $149.99. The speaker floats around the pool or hot tub and has a pair of mood lights integrated for nighttime fun.

The submersible speaker is only part of the kit; a transmitter is included that sends music from any audio source with a 3.5mm jack to the speaker. Range is 150 feet from the transmitter and the battery inside the speaker is good for six hours. One transmitter can support up to ten speakers. You will need a really big pool for that many speakers though.

[ Grace Digital ]