by Shane McGlaun

Guys have lots of choices when it comes to a Bluetooth headset. Most of the offerings on the market are masculine looking with black or silver colors and blocky designs that a dude can wear without feeling girly. The ladies on the other hand have but a few headsets that are decked out in girly glitz.

A new Bluetooth headset from ChicBuds has been announced that is called the PinkTooth. The PinkTooth has a lithium-polymer battery good for 200 hours of standby time and six hours of talk time. The glam part of the headset is the pink or white Swarovski crystals that decorate the earpiece.

The PinkTooth Wireless headset is available now for $49.99, making it cheaper than many Bluetooth headsets on the market. The PinkTooth headset should find a following considering Best Buy claims that women spend $14 billion more on electronics than men do each year. I bet lots of that loot is spent buying gifts for their guys though.

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