boombuster noise masking cdBy David Ponce

Drowning out your annoying co-workers by playing some white noise is fine and dandy, but what do you do about the bass coming from your neighbor at 3am? Typical white noise doesn’t do squat with bass, so you might think your only solution for a good night’s sleep is a well placed punch to the face of said neighbor(possibly followed by a short trip to jail). You’d be wrong though, as the Boombuster has tackled this very issue with a specially crafted type of white noise:

Our CD is a specially filtered white noise maximizing the noise in the low frequency range where obnoxious bass noise lives (around 50-300 Hz). Because most normal stereos put out less sound as the frequency goes down, it is also filtered to increase the volume of sound as frequency goes down to counter this affect.

Our real-world usage show that this CD will mask low-level bass boom without even being noticeable, and mask moderate-level bass boom when turned up loud enough that the noise is noticeable. High-level bass boom is so permeating that no product except an active noise-canceling headset (such as worn by pilots) will help.

At a measly $10, even if it doesn’t work miracles, it’s worth giving it a shot if you ask us.

[BoomBuster Noise Masking CD] Thanks, Clay!