By David Ponce

When I play my iPod in the car, I have to crank the volume up 85% of the way to get the speakers to hear it right. While I have no problem with doing that, I’m sure that if I wanted to hook it up to more significant speakers than the ones installed on my very slick 92 Tercel, it might have a little trouble getting heard. Of course, a traditional amp might do the job, but why not instead get the world’s smallest?

At least, this is what the Boostaroo Revolution claims to be. It’s powered with 2 AAAA (they make quadruple A batteries?!) with which it has a life of 22 hours. It’ll give your sound source output a fourfold increase in power. It even features a built in Mp3 decompression enhancer circuit for a fuller, richer sound, should that source be of the digital kind. Also, a splitter allows you to share your player with another person.

All this mini fun for around $80, right here. Story VIA Techie Diva.
with no loss of sound quality.