Continuum Caliburn – World’s Most Expensive Turntable


Continuum CaliburnBy Josh Ray
Vinyl is far from dead, kiddies. The Continuum Caliburn turntable system is the last word in spinning wax and, priced from $90k to $112k, is another product for rap superstars only. But don’t even mention scratching lest you sound like a fool: the Caliburn is only about achieving God’s-own sonic nirvana.

For those who don’t know, LPs give the audio Who’s-Your-Daddy to CDs and in the audioholic world, squeezing the best sound from the record comes down to vibration control. This is where the Continuum takes off the gloves, in part due to its 80lb magnesium allow platter.

For more on electron gyroscopes, vacuum pressurized oil and other NASA-approved technologies in the Caliburn, check out You could, of course, also check out the manufacturer’s website